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artist bio

My name is Chris Campbell and I have been tattooing professionally since 2012. My specialties include realism and custom illustrated tattoos. I enjoy concepts related to nature, portraits, comic art, movies, fantasy art, and more.


As of 2024, I will be offering a promo rate of $160/hr (20% discount). This offer will remain valid until further notice. I accept Interac or Cash. While I do my best to give a rough idea as to how long your project will take, all estimations are approximate. There is no way to know exactly how long your tattoo will take until it's complete. Timing can vary based on several factors, such as the complexity of your design, your pain tolerance, the condition of your skin, placement or body location, and any other unforeseen circumstances.


Cancellations require at least 72 hours of notice to keep your deposit. If a cancellation is made within 72 hours of your scheduled appointment, you will lose your entire deposit. Multiple cancellations may result in additional charges. Cancellations must be made by emailing Texts, social media messages, or calls will not be accepted.


There are different aftercare instructions depending on which bandage we use after your appointment. Please find the relevant section below and follow the steps carefully. Aftercare is crucial to the outcome of your healed tattoo. ***CLEAR ADHESIVE BANDAGE*** Wear the bandage for 5-7 days. Refrain from strenuous activity, swimming, and sun exposure while the tattoo is healing. Please note that there will be some fluid build up inside the bandage - this is completely normal. Do not puncture the bandage or remove it prematurely. After 5-7 days, remove the bandage by slowly pulling it away from your body under running water. Gently cleanse the area with warm water and unscented soap until debris & adhesive is removed. Cleanse and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to the entire tattooed area twice a day for 1 week after bandage removal. This will help reduce itching and aid in the healing process. After 8 weeks, the tattoo will be completely healed and you can use a moisturizer of your choice to help maintain your work. Sunscreen is also strongly recommended once the tattoo is healed, as sun damage will significantly impact the quality of your tattoo. ***PADDED GAUZE BANDAGE*** Wear the bandage overnight. Refrain from strenuous activity, swimming, and sun exposure while the tattoo is healing. Remove the bandage in the morning and gently cleanse the area with warm water and unscented soap until completely clean. Air dry or pat dry the area with a clean paper towel after washing. Cleanse and apply a thin layer of Aquaphor to the entire tattooed area every morning and night for 5 days after bandage removal. There should constantly be a layer of Aquaphor on your tattoo until the shedding is complete in order to prevent scabbing and scarring. This will also help reduce itching and contamination during the healing process. This step is crucial to the outcome of your tattoo.

studio information

Apparition Tattoo is located in the beautiful neighbour-hood of Marda Loop here in Calgary, AB. I am the only artist in this private studio, which helps ensure a comfortable and safe experience for all of my clients. The studio is also both licensed and AHS approved. The full studio address is #1, 2135A 33rd Ave SW. Once you enter the building, the studio is the first door on the right at the top of the stairs. Street parking is available in the surrounding area, but please be mindful of time restrictions. A paid lot is also available on the corner of 33rd Ave & 20th St.


Deposit prices vary depending on the size of your project. These deposits are non-refundable and will be put towards the cost of your final session. You must book at least one appointment per year in order for your deposit to remain valid. In the event that you lose your deposit, a new one will be required to rebook. Deposits are used to encourage clients to show up for their appointments and as a way for tattoo artists to cover a small portion of their costs if a client cancels. Please ensure that you read the "cancellations" section for more information. These deposit terms are applicable to all clients - no exceptions.


Please arrive on time for your tattoo session. Please consider traffic conditions and time required to find parking. Proper grooming is appreciated, so please ensure you are clean and shaved upon arrival. Exfoliation and moisturization of the area in the weeks leading up to your session can also help ensure that your skin is in its' best condition to be tattooed. This can even improve the outcome and quality of your tattoo. Please ensure to protect your skin from the sun before your appointment. This is important to keep in mind when scheduling vacations. Sunburnt skin cannot be safely tattooed. Make sure to get a good night's sleep and eat a well-balanced meal before your appointment. Tattooing causes trauma and your body will be better equipped to deal with this if it is rested, nourished, and hydrated. This also means you should not drink alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. You are encouraged to bring items that will improve your comfortability during our session. This may include snacks, a blanket, entertainment, etc. Please ensure you wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy access to the area where we will be working. Coverings are available in the studio to help ensure privacy when working on certain areas of the body.


Touch-ups are only free within one year of finishing your tattoo. Regular charges will apply for any appointments that are required as a result of sun exposure, improper care/maintenance, injuries, or the natural aging of the tattoo past 1 year of completion.

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